10 minutes could save a life.

Join the stem cell & bone marrow donor registry in one simple, painless step.

Luke Kuechly is on the list, are you?

Former Carolina Panther, NFL Defensive Player of the Year, and Project Life Movement ambassador, Luke Kuechly, wants you to join the stem cell & bone marrow registry to save a life. It only takes about 10 minutes and 4 quick and painless cheek swabs to join.


"I was told the summer after my college graduation that I had been matched with a 6 month old baby boy in need of a bone marrow transplant. I felt ecstatic and also blessed to have this special opportunity to save a life. And in the summer of 2019, I attended his wedding."

 - Steve, Davidson College

"Do it! I know that for many people the idea of donating bone marrow may be a bit daunting... While the odds of being matched are fairly low, the possibility of having a profound impact on someone's life makes taking the time to join the registry completely worth it."

- Bryce, Syracuse University

"I chose to donate because a couple of needles and a few hours of my time are nothing compared with having the power to save someone's life. No one is too busy to take the time to give someone and their family a life-saving chance."

- Guille, Denison University

"You guys can help. It's never been easier to get on the bone marrow registry list than now to save a life... we appreciate what you guys can do. Feel free to spread the word. The more people we can get on the list, the better it is, so thank you."

- Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panther

"I joined the register in 2009 on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University. In the summer of 2018, I received a call that I was a match. Of course, I said yes I would donate because if you agree to join the registry then you must follow through and do it. You’re possibly giving someone extra time to be with their loved ones. The process was very easy – I was back to work the next day."

- Dr. Antonia Mead, Department Chair,
Health & Human Performance, Johnson C. Smith University

What We Do

How We Save Lives

We help cure leukemia, lymphoma and sickle cell disease by growing the number of potential stem cell and bone marrow donors on the global registry.

Bone Marrow Donation Myth-Busting

Let us dispel common myths about donating bone marrow.

Diversity Matters!

Minorities are significantly under-represented on the registry, which makes it difficult for those who are in need of a transplant to find a match.

Our Impact

Our sole mission is to recruit young, healthy, diverse people to join the national stem cell & bone marrow registry on college campuses. We want to ensure that all patients, regardless of race, receive the lifesaving “miracle match” that they deserve.

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