Campus Ambassador Program

campus ambassador program

Are you seeking an on-campus internship opportunity that offers you valuable skills and the chance to give back to the community? Would you like to actually save lives while networking with your peers?

Gift of Life Marrow Registry is looking for motivated college students to represent our organization on campus as Campus Ambassador (CAP) interns to help add new donors to the registry. More than 85% of lifesaving transplants for blood cancer patients come from donors who are 18 to 35, so we need your help to get your fellow students into the registry.

Applications for the Fall 2022 semester are now open!

Campus Ambassadors will:

  • Learn leadership skills through working on campus to develop an effective outreach program
  • Gain written and oral communication skills by educating students about bone marrow donation and joining the donor registry
  • Grow the donor database so more patients can find their matching life-saver
  • Be part of a team that saves lives!


Questions? Contact [email protected] for more information.

"As someone whose loved one required life-saving treatment from a donor, I feel like I am doing my part to pay it forward. Every time I swab someone, I can picture the life that could be saved one day through this person’s potential donation." 

Erin Wilson, University of North Caroina, Charlotte CAP

"The CAP program is like fishing, if every fish you caught was the biggest fish you have ever seen. You wait patiently, throw in your line a million times just hoping to catch something. But, when you finally do get something, every time is more amazing than the last. It is not easy, but every life saved is worth all the time spent tossing lines out to find that perfect match."

— Sam Hopkins, University of South Carolina CAP

"Best experience I had as a Campus Ambassador was when I had my first drive! I ran a drive with Project Life Movement and we found a match – it was my teammate!" 

— Caroline Balogh, Wake Forest University CAP

"Promoting a cause that only costs people their time is a really powerful thing. I still get excited for every new person who decided to join the registry, because I know that one person could be the one match that a patient in need has been searching for."

— Sarah Choffin, North Carolina State University CAP